Thursday, April 22, 2010

Two Openings for Cross X Cyclists Appear on NBG SF to Boston Bus

In these lean times,  we thought the ride we've had on the books for almost ten years had to move forward as a bare bones operation. However Don Armstrong at Park Automotive reminded me that we can always gut a camper to get  some of those basic living necessities that we would do work arounds for if I am the only one riding. But we've got this great support vehicle and as the author of "How to Bike America", it would be an honor to help 2 or 3 other people experience for themselves the transformation that issues   from a two wheel coast to coast accomplishment . 

If biking the US as a part of our 8th Annual National Mayors' Ride at   interests you, if you can pay your share of the diesel, this might be a way for both of us to make our dreams real. 

Supply your own air bed or mattress, solar shower and food, and your share of the fuel, and we will give you ten weeks of lodging free!! We'll even  help you blog your rode at as well give you an NBG Bio like one of these

Contact me as soon as U can if interested -  415-606-5043

        Martin Krieg "Awake Again" Author
  '77 Coma, Paralysis, Clinical Death Survivor  
'79 TransCon Upright, 86 TransCon Recumbent
  2010 first to pedal Eagle HiWheel TransCon
 National Bicycle Greenway Founding Director

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