Friday, June 25, 2010

San Jose Replaces San Francisco as New Mayors' Ride Start City on 7/10

Well, it's official, the City of San Jose is now the bona fide start of the 8th annual, 2010 Mayors' Ride. San Jose Transportation Director, Hans Larsen, who Carlos Babcock introduced me to at the concert San Jose joint ventured with the  San Jose Bike  Party  last month, pulled together the principals needed from his city to develop the excitement that will you soon  be seeing. Toward that end, we will also be working with the San Jose Bike Party, Lance Armstrong Live Strong and Silicon Valley Bike Coalition (SVBC) people to help San Jose fulfill its goal of being known as  America's top bike city.  

San Jose, 15th Best Bike City in USA on Street Films  

(a must see video for those wondering about the commitment level of SJ city fathers)


Nor will it be difficult for San Jose to become the Number One biking city by which others are judged. All the variables are already in place. San Jose has exquisite weather, it has a fast growing number of bike lanes and pathways and most of the riding turf is flat. Separated from the ocean by the Coast Range on one side, and the epic Mt Hamilton and all the hills that flank it on the other, it has a delicious smorgasbord of mountain roads one can easily get lost  in. Along with its rich century old biking heritage, here is some information about San Jose that will show you why we have chosen them over San Francisco as the starting point for our ride to Boston:

News Flash:

After receiving a staff report and public comments in support of the plan, the San Jose City Council unanimously approved Bike Plan 2020. The new bike plan adopts a vision of building a community where bicycling is safe, convenient and commonplace. The plan identifies five broad Goals – including completion of a 500 mile bikeway network – as well as several individual Strategies and Actions to accomplish the Goals. Click on the following links to view the plan - more 

A Partial History of San Jose's rich bike history

Bronze Bike Friendly Community Award (many of those cities with higher rankings have spent more time on presentation than on actual infrastructure and the like) 

San Jose Trails Program

Hans Larsen

San Jose Bike Party

Silicon Valley Bike Coalition

So Exciting!!

             THX 4 all of U!! 

btw: I will be coming back from the heavenly bike roads of Ireland next Tuesday. Here is some of what I have been enjoying 

btw2: In case U missed it, I am still waiting for the insurance to settle the wreck of my Eagle 

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Larry Magid Documents Rare Steve Jobs Interview

Here is a rare interview of the man who has been the crucial force behind the creation of a lot of the tools many of us take for granted today. The iPhone, for example, was a huge part of my last summer's ride to Salt Lake, while the iPad that Steve Jobs also helped usher  into form, could very well be a big part of my upcoming journey to Boston. See the interview and read what else Jobs has catalyzed at the link below:

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Amazing Sculpture Art by 2010 Ride Savior, Shawn Raymond

Armed with a small bit of time as I wait for the insurance to settle before the Summer of 2010 fully consumes me, I present to you this video representation of what Shawn Raymond's fully astonishing sculptture art looks like on YouTube. That's right, sculpture art. An integral part of our SF to Boston effort, Shawn not only is a respected, precision level car mechanic, as well as a cutting edge bicycle wizard, he is also astounding the art world with the bronze piece he created below:

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Friday, June 4, 2010

More beautiful sign art for the bus by

Of note is the fact that the empty panel to the right of Sunfood, is being saved for an ad that expects to soon have added horsepower from the Irish Dept of Tourism. 

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