Monday, April 5, 2010

Jeff Kistler Dials in the Eagle Wheel

Jeff Kistler, the only bike mechanic, I, and now Jim Spillane. who he spoke with a few days ago, trust to work on the Eagle, dialed in the wheel today. As per what we agreed before hand, he picked it up at 12:30, so I could use the morning to train on it. Rain, however, only gave me a 45 minute window to do so, and I used that time to roll some pretty brisk miles, probably ten in all. 

As for the wheel, Jeff has become pretty familiar with it. Seventy-two spokes in all, he went through each one and applied a friction compound called spoke prep. This will keep the spokes from backing out as had recently become a problem.  He also pointed out the two that  are going to give me trouble  because they are at the end of their thread. Then he  left, he had  to get back to San Mateo to get tomorrow ready for Nels. his 101 year old uncle that he takes care of.

Talk about a man with a huge heart!!

Wow and THX Jeff!!

Having developed a pretty close bond with this bike over the last 15 months, I can't wait to ride it. Just rolling it along, it feels better than  it ever has!! Details soon!!!

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