Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busycle Trailer Tow Hitch Ideas needed!!

Here now with 38 days left, and now THX to Shawn Raymond, Jeff Kistler, Jim Spillane, Tom Schoeniger and all of you who threw moral support at this, the Eagle is back on the road, the focus here at the 11th hour needs to switch to the Busycle. Specifically, how we are going to tow it to Boston and to all the 27 cities in between. You saw us get John E Cabrera's 40 foot Rock Star bus ready for the road and you saw Sunfood throw their nutrition muscles at my soon ahead challenge, and when I get a better picture and the details are better worked out, you will see how Bike Connection and Cardinal Bike here in Palo Alto are supporting my ride. So, much of the foundation has been laid for my ride.

I have this now before our esteemed engineers. You are all on the bcc. If you are getting this, I am asking you if you can get me any kind of direction on where I can go to get a tow hitch for the trailer that will haul our Busycle ? And then who down here on the Peninsula can weld it on to the bus?

We will have to rent a trailer until one shows up. However with a tow hitch in place, we will have moved the  now biggest obstacle in the way of our path to Boston. Who can help here?

           THX 4 all of U!! 

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