Saturday, April 3, 2010

Superfood Industry Leader, Sunfood, to Fuel SF to Boston Ride!

Sunfood, the company led by Superfood Industry guru, David Wolfe, will be the major source of fuel that will help me make child's play of the physical effort required of pedaling the high performance Eagle bicycle from SF to Boston. In the same way Sunfood leads the way in identifying many of the foods that ancient cultures used to achieve near super human results, they will insure for me that I do become the first man to pedal a backwards facing HiWheel bike across the US  here in 42 days time now.

Appearing at the end of the HiWheel era, the Eagle offered man  a machine that could take his efforts to a higher and far more exciting level. It was not around long enough to really explore the limits it was pushing beyond, but for the first time ever, a pedal machine could climb long mountain passes. And since the steering was made separate from the pedal wheel, a cyclists could finally explore the upper bounds of ankling, a pedaling technique required of all modern day competitive racing bicyclists. 

When the Eagle Hiwheel was first introduced to the world in 1890, it stood head and shoulders above its competition. The modern day equivalent of a Lamborghini, Cray Super Computer and the Space Shuttle all rolled into one, it was the best possible technology man could create at the time. In the same way the Eagle pushed the envelope of what was possible then, Sunfood is doing the same thing with food today. By asking the question, 'what is the best possible thing  we can feed ourselves while still honoring the planet and enriching the lives of all those who produce it?' this is a company that is continually searching the globe for the highest art form of power nutrition.

And as they do so it is important to note that their leader, David Wolfe, has taken on Rock Star celebrity status. Called upon to speak all over the world and sharing the same stage  with inspirational legends   such as Jack Canfield, Barbara DeAngelis, Anthony Robbins and Brian Tracy, etc, he also counts Woody HarrelsonJames Caan and Apple founder, Steve Jobs, etc, among his many fans.  A powerhouse of the highest order, he is the man who almost single handedly, for example, popularized the present day awareness about the health giving aspects of chocolate, especially in its purist form, the cacao powders and butters that his  Sunfood operation prefers. Here he is discussing  why chocolate is what he calls "The world's greatest food" - 

It won't be long before I am showing the world from eight feet up that we are what we eat. This as   Sunfood leads the way. Followed  of course by Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Amy and Brian Coconut Juice, Kommbucha Botanica and Go Macro's delicious cookies and energy bars..

Too exciting - THX for all of you who are making this dream real. The excitement soon ahead could not be possible without each and everyone of you....

Of which I am am greatly humbled to be the person in whom you are placing your confidence...

   THX 4 all of U!! 

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