Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ride Oakland to Berkeley with the Mayor!!

Pictured above is the new image for our ride to Boston....

Pictured below is Ron Bishop, a widely revered  green architect, and the man who was recently honored by the entire City Council of Oakland, CA for his results getting work as a bike activist there. 

Since the Mayor of Oakland, Ron Dellums, is widely known as a Mayor who rarely appears in public for anything, Mr Bishop will not only be   sending the  8th Annual National Mayors' Ride from Oakland City Hall to Berkeley City Hall seven miles away on Sunday 5/16, but he will lead  our fun annual ride along the Oaklan,  Emeryville and Berkeley bayfronts to  Berkeley City Hall. 

Along the way. we will stop at Emeryville City Hall, where bicycle proactivity is that city's middle name. In fact, its former Mayor,  Ken Bukowsk, led much of the charge that got the now world famous bike bridge that crosses over busy (many hundreds of thousands of cars each week)  I-880 to connect Berkeley and Emeryville with the San Francisco Bay. Ken rides with us from his City Hall every year and was Car Free most of his life until politics found him having to make more trips to Sacramento than train trips there could make practical for him..

Once we get to Berkeley City Hall after riding along its invigorating water front and then discovering its tree filled and traffic calmed streets on the other side,  we will be joined by bikes of every color, vintage, style and fashion before we are received by Tom Bates the Father of Traffic Calming 

HERE  is the  podcast we did with Tom, pictured above, who has always been out there for us with his Car Free City Councillor, Kriss Worthington. 

In fact, Kriss who used to join us in the early days of our Mayors' Rides when we rode the other direction  to Oakland, may even meet  us at Waterside Park to ride us  to his Mayor. Waterside Park, where the  "Butkowski Bridge" lands, features the beautiful lake many of you may recall seeing when driving 880 north of the Bay Bridge access-ways. On its shores one can even find the Waterside Workshop, a cutting edge, publicly funded community bike shop where people learn how to work on bikes and can even use tools and space to keep what they have on the road.

Please join us on this festive ride: 

        Too Excited!! 

                 THX 4 all of U!!

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