Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From Sunfood a new ride has emerged, OMG

I just completed probably one of the briskest 25 mile training rides I have ever done on this very physically demanding Eagle HiWheel bicycle, and I feel excellent. Almost full throttle the whole way, I was trying to burn down the Sunfood super shake that had me so filled to the gills. And here now almost four hours later, after a very demanding  ride, I still feel full!!

Before I went out today, Sunfood nutritional consultant, Eric Pasimio, spent a worthy amount of time going over  all the products he had sent me to start working with. He gave me a sample recipe for the shake I still need a blender for. I stirred the concoction he recommended, sans the cashews and goji berries, all up by hand and drank it down. Too delicious and yes I was full. But I did not feel the jolt of energy after I also ate the nuts and berries on the side I was half expecting..

But you know what? The full stomach never went away. Even now, I don't feel hungry for anything. And for those of us who roll the big miles (25 on the Eagle is easily like 50 on a road bike) that is unusual indeed!! And if this keeps up, which I know it will, you are going to see an Eagle HiWheel  ride across America that will set records never likely to be broken. WoW

Soon, as I better dial in the recipe at hand, I will be better able to tell you how I am using the Cacao powders, butters and oils as well as the Maca powders, their Sun is Shining sea vegetable drink, the mesquite, and etc, that Amy & Brian's coconut juice is holding together, as I snacked on Maine Coast Sea Vegetables  dulses and tasty Kelp Krunch bars to set the stage for the Sunfood miracle I was about to experience!!


30 days to lift off, So excited!!

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