Monday, April 12, 2010

"How to Bike America" or overcome any large challenge - 5 bux!!

If the undertaking you have before you is a large one, this book is for you! It will help to expand the size of your thinking and establish you in the place where all big accomplishment first occurs, the mind. And as reading this book or just select chapters from it vicariosuly builds for you the mindset needed to pedal long distances on a bike, you will have unlocked the door that keeps you from making other Big Magic happen in all areas of your life.

The bulk of this on-line book was written over a two year period for cyclists riding TransAm to Cycle America 2000 in Washington DC by two time TransAm veteran and "Awake Again" author Martin Krieg. It continues to be updated and edited online and reflects many contributions from the on line cycling community as we yearly cross America with our Mayor's Rides.  Cost $4.95!!

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