Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Unconditional Love - Part 2

Knowing the joy of unconditional love

The most important thing that you will gain from cultivating

unconditional love will be freedom from hate and violence.  When

these thoughts are removed, you discover the presence of joy and

peace.  This is an automatic reaction to unconditional love, because

you are in harmony with the creative source.

One of the lessons that you will be unlearning as you gain access to

unconditional love is the mistaken belief that joy is of the ego and

misery is of the spirit.  The truth lies in reversing this

supposition and getting to the source of spiritual joy.

Simplistically stated, experiencing joy, from the point of view of

the ego, is always getting what we want, and being spiritual is

associated with meditating, being generous, extending kindness to

others.  The path to true joy and bliss in your life is affirming the

spirit and subordinating the ego.

Saying to yourself that the ego is an illusion provides you with a

powerful tool for manifesting.  The ego identifies you as primarily a

physical body, separate from God, and in need of constant stroking to

massage your self-importance.  When you simply say this is an

illusion and it doesn't really exist, those ideas are replaced with

unconditional love, and the joy that you experience is really the

denial of the false and an affirmation of the truth of your being.

You are absolutely free when you are not consumed with your

self-importance.  You are free when you no longer need to be stroked,

coddled and approved of by everyone you meet.  You are free when you

are no longer offended by the actions of others.  Freedom allows you

to extend your inner self to the outer world, and that is love.

There is a great sense of joy in feeling free.  Think of times when

you have felt the freest in your life.  When the pressures to perform

are off.  When you are walking in nature.  When no one is badgering

you to meet deadlines.  When you are in solitude and communing with

God.  If you have made the connection to your inner life, these are

the most joyful times.  When you are experiencing this kind of joyful

freedom, you feel inspired, and of course, this means that you are

"in spirit".

The most creative times of my own life are when I allow myself to be

free.  This freedom produces a great joy within me that manifests as

new ideas to expand my work and be more purposeful, to be a better

writer, teacher, father and husband, to share this love that I feel

with all who care to know about it.

Joy, freedom and unconditional love are inseparable; they flow from

the experience of each other.  To be joyful is to hold onto nothing

and to have no restrictions.  This is also the feeling of freedom,

and it is a result of embracing the unconditional love of the divine

energy that is the center of your being.

Authentic joy is not merely the pleasure of the moment.  These ego

pleasures are fleeting and transient.  They demand more, just like a

drug, in an attempt to be fulfilled.  But fulfillment is mostly an

illusion with fleeting pleasures.  All of the pleasures of the body

are not evil, they are simply temporary.

This is not to say that one ought not to enjoy a massage, a delicious

meal, lovemaking and all of the pleasures of the body.  But, that one

should know that true joy is not in the bodily pleasure.  It is in

the mind, which is processing and allowing you to experience the

pleasure; the body is simply neutral, as are all things.  It is the

mind that makes it real, not the reverse.

The body cannot make us real any more than it can heal the mind.  Nor

does the body, in and of itself, give us joy.  It is in the mind that

the healing of the body originates, and it is in the mind where joy

also originates.  Your purpose is to align your mind with the

unconditional love that is the divine source of all material things,

including your body.  That source is love.  With that alignment comes

joy and power.

When one drop of water separates from the ocean it becomes a speck

that is, essentially, powerless and weak and unable to sustain

itself.  But, when it aligns with its source, the ocean itself, it is

powerful beyond what is possible as an individual drop of ocean.  So

it is with you.  Alone, separated from your divine source, you are a

skin-encapsulated ego living the illusion that you are important and

powerful.  But, realigned, you know the joy that comes from this

partnership.  And what you are aligning with is pure, unconditional

love and acceptance of all that is.  You abandon your fear of


Unconditional love as an absence of fear

All fears stem from the idea that we are alone and separated from the

one divine source that we give many names to, including God or Holy

Spirit.  When you adopt a stance of unconditional love, you

automatically abandon fear.  In the absence of fear and in the

presence of unconditional love you find the solution to the mystery

of manifestation.  Once you truly know that you are not separate or

alone, fear is replaced by unconditional love and you  have gained

access to the Holy Spirit.

The ego is where fears originate, with constant messages that you are

incomplete and need more, that you need to win to be better in

comparison to others.  With its unceasing pressure, the ego keeps you

in a constant state of turmoil and anxiety.  Here is where all fears

are birthed and nurtured within you.

To accept unconditional love as your premise for living, you will

have to tell the ego that there is no need to prove anything and that

all you want or hope for is already here.  The ego, moreover, needs

to be taught that you are connected to a creative source that is far

more powerful than the ego.

You are able to detach from how it has to show up, and you can send

out the energy of unconditional love with your thoughts wherever you

go, trusting that it is all in order.  No demands, no pressure.  A

simple knowing accompanied by an unconditionally loving attitude.

With this kind of declaration, fear is removed from your life and is

replaced with love.  Remember the biblical quote, "Perfect love

casteth out all fear."

Fear and love are unable to reside simultaneously within you.  If you

are afraid, you have cast out love.  If you are experiencing perfect

love, which is within your free will, then you have cast out fear.

The principle of unconditional love as a prerequisite to manifesting

your own destiny is a tough one to put into practice full-time.  Yet

you can begin this process by working on it one step at a time,

beginning right now.  Below are some suggestions for living and

radiating unconditional love.

Some ways of putting unconditional love into practice

… Keep uppermost in mind that love transforms.  Every single act of

love releases blocked energy in your body.  Unconditional love heals

the body and the mind.  Keep reminding yourself of this truth until

it becomes your reality.  Love is a frequency that you can choose to

tune into, just as you tune into a frequency on the radio.

… The polarity of love is fear.  Fear is a current of energy that

literally runs through your body and is produced when you feel cut

off from the source of unconditional love.  Every time you experience

fear, ask yourself, "What is going on that I have substituted fear

for love in this moment?"  This kind of self-talk will bring you back

to an awareness that fear is running through you because you have

lost your alignment with love.

In this moment of insight, send the fear energy out of your body by

embracing unconditional love.  In those moments of fear, your anxiety

about failing, not receiving approval, your appearance, your grades

or whatever can be traced to the absence of unconditional love.  Go

to your source when you are experiencing fear and you will find fears

dissipating almost instantly.

… Remember that love is experienced in your thoughts and in your acts

of oneness.  The more you consider yourself connected to the divine

source, the more you will act in loving ways to all others.

… Acquire a private, non-publicized and regular habit of meditating.

With every breath you take, feel yourself taking in unconditional

love.  With every exhalation, expel thoughts of fear.  This personal

exercise can be your lifeline to unconditional love and to the world

of manifesting.

When you go outside for a walk, use your breath to bring in the

essence of love and feel it flowing throughout your body.  Simply use

your breath as a means of inhaling love from the divine source, and

exhaling fear in the next breath.  You will feel yourself relaxing

and knowing more joy and freedom.

… Pick one day to practice this exercise with a partner of your

choice.  Make a decision to think, act and radiate nothing by

unconditional love for the entire twenty-four-hour period, including

your dreams.  Every moment of this mutually agreed upon day will be

infused with only love.

This means that the moment a moralizing or judgmental thought enters,

you immediately shift it out of your inner field and replace it with

one of unconditional love. If this works for you for one day, see if

you can extend it for another day or two.  The longer you can stay

with this exercise, the more dramatic the changes.

Yu will begin to notice synchronistic events showing up and you will

feel as if God is taking special care of you. You will notice an

increase in energy; an interesting shift in your dreams as they

become more intense and spiritual; you will observe yourself

attracting things that previously seemed to stay away; you will most

assuredly note an increase in joy, bliss and a growth in your

relationships as well.

… Make a decision to turn over your most difficult challenges in the

area of unconditional love to God.  Simply turn them over with a

request such as, "I have been unable to bring love into my life in

these areas, and I am asking for your diving guidance in

accomplishing this.  I still think angry and hateful thoughts toward

these people, and I am asking you to show me the way to unconditional


By acknowledging that you feel powerless, you admit that your

conditioning and life experiences have not given you the tools to

radiate love in these places.  But you are also acknowledging that

you know there is a higher energy and you ask that higher force to

guide you.  By turning it over, you place your complete trust in the

God force and admit that you cannot break the ego's stronghold.

… Know the connection between manifesting your heart's desire and

unconditional love.  Unconditional love is the energy of the

universe, it is what God is, and, therefore, what you are as well.

Without your connection to this love, you lose your connection to the

creative processes.

You cannot attract to yourself that which you are already connected

to if you have short-circuited the connection.  The presence of

unconditional love is in all things that you wish to attract as well

as in you.  Keep it honestly, and you keep your ability to "know that

ye are a god."  Lose it, and you will lose your godliness.  It is

that simple.

Remind yourself of this when you ask why your desires aren't showing

up in your life. The answer will invariably have something to do with

an absence of unconditional love someplace in your inner world.

… You do no need to fool yourself with unconditional love.  If you do

not love the personality of another, be open and honest about it, but

you can still love the essence, the truth of everyone on this planet

and beyond.  See the unfolding in everyone, even if their behavior

conflicts with what you know to be divine and holy.  Know that their

egos have gotten a stranglehold on them and twisted their divine

essence right out of their behavior, but still send love to the

essence that is behind that action.

The more you are able to see past the personality and the individual

behavior, the more you will be a beacon of light for the entire

planet.  It is through a change in consciousness that our world is

going to be transformed, and that new consciousness is one in which

love is going to triumph over the passions of the ego.  Send out love

past the appearance with which you are in disagreement and it may

shift right before your eyes.

… Make your word law!  Keep this harmony within yourself and you will

experience love in virtually all settings.  If you say it, live up to

it lovingly.  This gives you a sense of inner balance that is missing

in those who live with self-repudiation and guilt.  The more you

practice "My word is law.  I must keep it,"  the more balanced your

life becomes.

The universe runs on balance, and the energy that keeps it in balance

is love.  By declaring yourself as a person who keeps his word, you

align yourself with the loving essence of the world.

I have witnessed unconditional love in action in the story of Kaye

O'Bara, who has been caring for her comatose daughter for

twenty-seven years.  On an hourly basis-I (along with my wife

Marcelene) told her story in a short inspirational book titles A

Promise Is a Promise and I urge you to familiarize yourself with this

truly astonishing saga of unconditional love in action-you will feel

the inspiration as you read this remarkable story and you will know

that you will be helping them out as well, since all royalties go

directly to these two divine souls.

This concludes the sixth principle for manifesting.  Unconditional

love is the cornerstone of your mental picturing.  You refuse to

allow any contrary, ego-driven thought to enter the inner kingdom of


If you activate this principle you will have revealed a truth that

eludes most people.  It is with unconditional love that you find your

true connection to the divine energy that is in all things.  It is a

choice you can make.  You were given the choice to express your free

will.  It is your gift from God.

When you express love, you align with that same love that was granted

to you with the gift of your free will.  When you express anger,

hatred, envy and violence, you have allied yourself with the ego, and

have prevented yourself from truly being a co-creator of your life

with the divine source of energy that we call God.

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