Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busycle Ride for Fun (not for Sport/Comparaison/Judgment)

If U've never ridden the Busycle, nowz your chance. If U've ever seen me on my HiWheel bike, riding the Busycle will let U see the world I see - eight feet above the road. From aboard the Busycle, a different Palo Alto unfolds as backyards become visible and above the cars we loom. Growing the fun is all there is to think about on the Busycle as judging another's pedaling efforts is impossible.....

If we can get a car trailer for the bus soon, we can spread the Busycle joy at: Sponsors that are starting to ask if we can do demonstration rides at their stores and/or campuses. Straight ahead there is also: Sea Otter 4/15-18 San Francisco Sunday Streets 4/18 Earth Day 4/22 Bike to Work 5/13 Maker Faire 5/22-23 (since the Mayors' Ride will be in Sacto, we may come back down for one day for this) Ideas/help encouraged.......
 Perfect love drives out fear - John 4:18

 Martin Krieg "Awake Again" Author
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