Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shawn Raymond Builds New Eagle Seat!!

Because I suspect that this could very well be fascinating stuff for many of you, I am taking the chance of hoping you will enjoy it.  Talk about a modern day Renaissance Man, Shawn Raymond, the same man who was there at the 11th hour to make my ride to Salt Lake City possible last summer, hit one out of the park for me again today. On most any HiWheel, and especially the Eagle, if you break something you cannot run down to the local bike shop and get a replacement part. In most cases, you have to rebuild accordingly.

But how many of you have ever rebuilt a seat? Though a straight-forward process, it is old school hi-tech at its best. As I helped Shawn, we both understood how the blacksmiths of yesteryear must have felt when they watched their hands and a few simple tools create a useful thing of beauty.

With leather  that he had to go to San Francisco to buy,  Shawn crafted a thing of beauty. Do take a look at the handsome result Shawn created for my ride:

Step One - trace out old seat pattern

 2. Sheet metal scissors (extra thick leather)

 After Shawn soaked the leather a bit, the rivets went in and using  a punch, the back side was flattened against the meta seat frame.

Presto - Voila - a New Seat is Born!!