Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Has Carl Mueller Solved the Riddle of Busycle Trailer Transport?

Carl! It looks like U are now hauling your 10-seat KSR beast all about town up there in Arcata. Yes? If so, what kind of car trailer are U using? We have a 79 inch outside  wheel edge to outside wheel edge wheelbase  on the Busycle and that creates problems for what is commercially available. Are U not wider with your Hoosier wheels? And how did U get around this problem if I am assuming correctly here?

 THX 4 your fun!!

      THX 4 U!! 

btw: Sponsors of http://bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide2010 are starting to ask if we can do demomstration rides at their stores and/or campuses. 

Straight ahead there is also:

Sea Otter 4/15-18
San Francisco Sunday Streets 4/18
Earth Day 4/22
Bike to Work 5/13
Maker Faire  5/22-23 (since the Mayors' Ride will be in Sacto, we may come back down for one day for this)

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