Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amy & Brian's Coconut Juice Gets On Bus to Boston!!

The people at Amy & Brian's Natural Products got on the SF to Boston bus that is leaving in 51 days time now!! This is very exciting news for me for several reasons. While it's great bringing on new sponsors who can benefit from all the publicity our new publicist will soon be generating, with Amy and Brian's support of this ride with many cases of their great tasting product, I will now have a natural way to offset all the electrolyte loss (it was because of this deficiency that I had blood in my urine) I incurred last summer when I rode the Eagle HiWheel to Salt Lake. 

What's more is that Sunfood makers of super food of the highest order are strongly considering nourishing me with their tasty energy shakes. What they had wanted me to get was a coconut juice  that could hold all the carefully selected ingredients they bring in from, all over the world. And now that I have the liquid gold I had needed, I am praying that Sunfood will let me show the world that you really are what you eat. Add the seaweed feast that Main Coast Sea Vegetables  is adding to the equation and I **know** there is a very very strong chance that I will become the first person to pedal (with no walking) a HiWheel all the way across America!!

    THX 4 all of U!! 

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