Sunday, March 7, 2010

About Cruz Bike's World Record Holding 46 Year Old Mother of 4 who is Sponsoring Our Ride

The woman in the video below, 46 year old mother of four kids (13-24), Maria Parker. is now the owner of THREE world bicycle speeds records. Made all the more amazing by the fact that she has only been cycling for three years. A self described, age bracket runner, as the co-owner of Cruz Bike recumbents, she worked all her speed magic on a bike, the Crux bike Silvio, her company sells to the general public.

Her records:

100 Mile               4 hr 47 min 56 sec             4:47:56                  20.84 mph

200 Mile               9 hr 55 min 34 sec             9:55:34                  20.15 mph

12 Hour                241 miles 44 feet (241.008468 miles)           20.08 mph

Do get a look at this video:

I know her bikes are fast because they are front wheel drive. And one of the Cruz Bike consultants is Tom Traylor, who has been putting the hurt to almost all but the very fastest century racers, often 1/3 his age, on his own home made front wheel drive machine....

I predict that as Maria' speed exploits on the Cruz Bike become better known, that they will become the next new cycling rage. Because as Maria kept reminding me when she pretty much volunteered to support my soon  ahead HiWheel ride to Boston, "I'm just a housewife who wants to show people how fast this bike is." And as we  wrapped up, she said. "Just think if we could get some one like Freddy Markham's  daughter on this bike!!"

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