Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Maine Coast Sea Veggies to Help Receive us in Boston and and and.......

Powerful sea weed industry spokeswoman and future probable state representative, Lee Hudson, of Maine Coast Sea Vegetables not only now has her company supplying me with the seaweed products I will be needing here soon when I Eagle my way from San Francisco to Boston but there is a ton more! The president of the Seaweed Council and known on both coasts as the Woman Warrior of the Fisheries Industry, she is so excited about the National Bicycle Greenway  idea that she offered to help get us sponsors and a worthy reception for when we do get to Boston on a date set tentatively for August 6. 

And the seaweed from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables will go a long way toward correcting the all the nutritional deficiencies I experienced when I HiWheeled to Salt Lake City last summer per this blog. Many THX here also go to nutritionist Johanna Thorn who pointed to seaweed in the Nutrition Regimen she drew up for me as a way to increase my performance this time around. Her guidelines also have me looking at Sunfood, a raw nutrition company that is very interested in supporting my ride around which we will have worked out the details of a Y E S by next week some time. Johanna also sent me to Adam Goodman of Kombucha Botanica. Adam wanted to support my ride last year but I had no way to carry the amazing elixir he brews with only the best ingredients in small enough batches to makes his the most results getting Kombucha on the marketplace!!

And Kombucha is what saved my butt when I rode across the 102 mile Salt  Basin in one day (report). Having had to eat truck stop food for three days after 102 grueling non-stop pedaling (on a giant fixed gear) miles in high 90 degree heat on a bike that could only pull 7 miles and hour due to the weight and wind, I was pretty run down by the time I reached Whole Foods in Salt Lake City where I drank as many as three bottle of the stuff over the next three days. After which I was alive and ready for more. 

And if you want to try this power beverage out, they will have a 2 for 1 sale of it going on this Friday ONLY  at any of the Whole Foods stores located west of Colorado!!

Steve at has also been hard at work. Soon, we will have National Bicycle Greenway  in big letters above the windows of the bus. And he also just completed a logo for the Palo Alto home of our support bus, Park Avenue Automotive:

Sponsors to 2/20/10:

Food: GoMacro | Kombucha Botanica | Grainaisssance | Wildwood | Whole Foods | Maine Coast Sea Vegetables | Johanna Thorn

Bike and other: YoHost |  Angle Tech | Kirks Bike | Park Automotive | 4130 Inc |  NC S&B Recumbent | |  Real Shades | Mr Letter | Bicycle Man | Linear Recumbent | Cardinal Bike | Ines Brunn | Easy Street | T-Ryx | Rapid Transit

Probable: REI | North Face | 24 Hour Fitness etc.....

    THX 4 all of U!! 

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