Monday, February 1, 2010

Bus/Busycle/Eagle Nutritionist, Publicist & Bus Build Out

Am explosion of activity has so happily overwhelmed this observer that he has not been able to tell you about any of  it till now. Where to begin, at least with the highlights, hmmm......

Well let me start, not necessarily in chronological order. with yesterday's Busycle ride. We filled the bus!! We traveled maybe 3/4 of a mile and everyone was excited and happy to be a part.  And  withe exception of John E Cabrera who got all the passengers, the other newsmakers didn't eve get to ride.

Nitzeli ad her daughter Daphne couldn't wait around for us to finish some of the repair work that was needed and more Busyclists to arrive but they did affix the 10 new labels that describe what the major  Busycle components are and where they came from. And before she left, Nitzeli offered her  services as a publicist for our smile invoker!! As such, next Busycle  ride Feb 14!! Valentine's Day!!

Bus interior architect, Rob Benson, couldn't be there but he did lend us his screw gun so we could get the right side bumper put back on. And then when it ran out of power, Palo Alto Weekly editor, Jay Thorwaldson, who stopped by in his Jeep (not on his motorcycle bcuz of some eye surgery) to say hi, hand cranked the rest of the screw in until it was properly seated. And then when we did get the Busycle parked in its new driveway, John E's dad delivered a new tarp for it and then helped to get it covered!!

After our Busycle ride was done I met with Johanna Thorn, a food science magician I have known since my decade ago Santa Cruz days. She is going to devise a food regimen for my ride!! And not just any old list of the edibles I will need to get 7000 calories a day but a well researched  list of all the latest in cutting edge nutrition that that will make the end total sum greater than the individual parts when all added together.

As Johanna explained, many food combinations can do more harm than good. Improperly prepared or joined together, a good number of  groupings of edibles can deplete energy instead of add to it.

And Johanna knows! She studied nutrition and learned it so well that she was able to return her body to the  beautiful condition it is in (we met at my health club where after we talked we spent a little bit of time in the sauna) after several major illnesses had fully debilitated her. She then ran a successful company in Santa Cruz called Vibrant Health until other opportunity called her to this side of the hill. 

More than just getting better with food,  she also uses it to sustain the epic wilderness hikes she does. By herself. So she knows how to make do with less. Kind of a theme we will likely be running here on the bus. Since simplicity is how I prefer to eat, with the guidelines she will have worked up for me, less of an emphasis will be placed on cooking and refrigeration. And more on soaking and broth consumption, etc

As for the bus, Robbie brought over a bunch of furniture while we wait for consistent dry days to return.  We can't run tooling outside of the bus as we  tromp in and out of it, so all we can do is wait. We can't even put any of the decals we have for the outside that call attention to our purpose until the surfaces they go on warm up well enough to keep them held in place.

The Eagle is almost ready too! However with wet roads and skies, there is no real rush to get it out and rolling. And yet it is here than  the rains can have an opposite effect. Shawn Raymond was going to come over today to help me silver solder (he is a lot better at it than am I) some of the fissures that Tom Schoeniger of 4130inc bikes identified   in many places on my rim.

However Shawn needs to get a painting job done. And since it is **not* raining as I write this (only threatening to do so), he is hard at work with brushes and rollers......

We will persevere!! 

In the interim, Lori Yung is working hard to clean up our aaaaMayors' Ride schedule. I am just now starting to get the sales phones opened up and just spent (or wasted?) a bunch of time trying  to get a contact name at Google). Seems by his non reply, Dylan does not see a fit. 

Does anyone know anyone in marketing at Google, Yahoo or Facebook? 

         THX 4 all of U!! 

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