Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Eagle Soars Again, Bus Lettered, Curtained, Rice and....

Jef Kistler just dropped off the Eagle! The wheel rolls again sans one spoke where it broke (there are 72) and Tom Schoeniger of 4130inc masterfully weled it back into piece!! It still needs work but it is once again round and held together by spokes. And as such, I can train on it until Jim Spillane sends us a replacement rim. WoW.

I'll update this for the blogs I run with pictures and more of the story tomorrow when I can see well enough to ride and tweak accordingly. However for now all of us need to thank Tom and Jeff for all the work they did to get the debacle I created all back together again. Tom took a lot of time, first welding the broken section back into the rim and then a number of weeks later carefully studying it before he then appllied a few more strategic welds. THX Tom!! WoW!

As for Jeff, not only did he rebuild it, but to do so he had to he drive over to Tom's house. to pick it up. Drive to the bus here in Paalo Alto to pick up the spoke nipples Jim Spillane had sent us. Then drive it back to his shop 20 miles away where he worked his magic Then back to the bus where he met me with a working bike!! Too Awesome Jeff!! THX THX THX!!

Linda Berger the voice of our 2010 ride video (Part one, Part two)  came by with two sets of black sheets and a small rice cooker. She found the dark bed cloth at a thrift store and  was getting ready to send the rice cooker off to Goodwill when she remembered I need one for my ride. So unlike my Eagle journey  to Salt Lake last summer where I went for a month without eating the grain that I ingest daily, I will be able to have that on the road every day now. This of course will augment the foods that nutritionist Johanna Thorn is working to get to me as I type. 

I also got the part of the bus that is visible from the street and to the many cyclists who pass by daily, lettered for all the Park Blvd travelers  to view!! Pictures tomorrow but Mrletter.com does make some handsome stuff. And THX THX THX also to Don Armstrong of Park Automotive Service at 3040 Park where the bus John E Cabrera bought for our ride now lives!!

THX for all of U

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