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Eagle to Boston Nutrition Program by Johanna Thorn, N.C.

Here is the food program designed for my ride by top nutritionist, Johanna Thorn, N..C. And Johanna knows what she is talking about. She uses a regimen  similar to this on the monster several weeks long solo wilderness hikes she regularly  does in the Sierras....


 Nutrition Suggestions for Martin Kreig

 Bicycle trip May 14th – August 6th


  • Cellular nutrition to support body and enhance performance
  • Simple, easy, highly nutritive foods program


Protein:  (always start day off with and combine with sprouts of some sort and other vegs and very small amount starch) (breakfast and dinners)

  • Miso (freeze dried) (have first thing in morning upon waking in hot water)
  • Young coconut meat (whenever can get hands on young coconuts; drink water and eat meat)
  • Coconut; dried unsweetened (mix into any other foods or eat by self)
  • Powdered goat milk (mix with water and drink or add to cereals)
  • Planetary brand sprouted protein powder – my favorite “Hunza Meal”
  • Hard sheep and goat cheeses (last longer, don’t require refrigeration)
  • Plain goat yogurt whenever can get
  • Micro greens (make own in Easy Sprouter)
  • Sprouts (make own in Easy Sprouter) (sunflower, mung, red clover, alfalfa, clover, broccoli, radish and so on)
  • Raw nuts; brazil, pecan, walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, almonds (soak overnight in water), hazelnuts (mix any choice or combo with sprouts for nutrient dense “salad” along with some crushed corn chips and salsa for dressing)
  • Raw seeds; pumpkin*, sunflower*, sesame, chia, hemp and flax (*soak overnight in water; drain and air dry on cookie sheet)
  • Bee pollen (freeze dried better than raw for your situation, will keep longer)
  • Sea Vegetables (micro protein and minerals); raw nori sheets (use as wrap for many food combos), dulse (eat as snack – natural electrolyte balance), kombu*, sea palm*, hijiki*, wakame*

*add these to broths and all cooking liquids

  • Sprouted mung beans, lentils (not red), garbonzo beans (Done in Easy Sprouter) (cook in rice cooker with sea vegs in jerky, choice of seasoning mix, add Lydia’s Seasoning when eat, serve with salsa as condiment or wrap all up in nori sheet
  • Canned fish; trout, salmon, sardines (Whole Foods best source) (eat with Lydia’s crackers and sprouts or wrap all up in nori sheet with seasoning choice, or salsa and sprouts) (add cheese as desired)
  • Jerky’s – fish (Whole Foods brand good) (use as soak with sea vegetables)

 Vegetables:  (with all meals)

  • Sprouts from Easy Sprouter; raw, live food
  • Any fresh can source along way
  • Dried kale (Whole Foods – see resources)
  • Lydia’s Organics; (see resources) dehydrated into crackers and other treats (must purchase the             “Seasoning” and sprinkle over sprouts, add to miso broth, and other dehydrated veg products)
  • Dehydrated mushroom blend (Trader Joe’s)
  • Jarred salsa’s (Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde good green one, look for red one also)

Starches:  (lunches and between meals)

  • Long grain brown rice (or Trader Joe’s Sprouted Short Grain Brown Rice with Seaweed – microwaveable)
  • Steel cut oatmeal (not quick cooking, directions in recipe section)
  • Quinoa (get prewashed from Trader Joe’s)
  • Wild Rice (cook in rice cooker) (add dried mushrooms and seasoning of choice and presoak overnight – reduces cooking time)
  • All natural or organic pancake/waffle mix (use goat milk already mixed up and skip egg if don’t have) (great lunch or snack)
  • Any type roots or squashes can pick up along way (use for lunches)
  • Onions, ginger root, garlic
  • Lydia’s Organics – granolas (add sweetener of choice and use coconut milk for high calorie and energy intake)  (best time lunch or mid-afternoon)
  • Blue corn chips with sesame seeds (Organic) (Trader Joe’s makes good brand)

 Fruit:  (eat by itself, not with meals)

  • Any unsulphured dried sources
  • Any fresh, pesticide free sources pick up along way


  • Nama Shoyu; raw, unheated, unpasteurized soy sauce – healthy source of living enzymes and beneficial organisms or Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (use as desired)
  • Make own blends:
  1. Mix cumin, dried ginger, turmeric, dried garlic, dried parsley, dried cilantro, dried thyme, sea salt and pepper.
  2. Mix thyme, oregano, basil, dash of ground sage, sea salt, and pepper.


  • Raw unpasteurized honey
  • Maple syrup (pure)
  • Agave nectar, raw
  • Stevia

Oils:  (should all be unrefined and cold pressed)


·      Goat butter, olive oil

Medium Heat

·      Sesame oil (use on skin as moisturizer)

High Heat:

·      Ghee, unrefined coconut oil (use on skin as moisturizer)


·      Canned coconut milk (not lite kind) (Whole Foods 365 brand good)

·      Young coconut water (boxed) (electrolyte balance and adrenal food)

·      Dates

·      Goji berries

·      Raw cacao nibs

·      Acai

Super Nutrition:

·      Enzacta PXP powder (2 scoops 2 x day in warm water)(set up with Johanna)

·      Spirulina (use in energy drink recipe)(health food store)

·      Liquid chlorophyll (concentrate, not diluted) increases oxygen to body (health food store)


·      2 camp cook stoves

·      1 small - medium size rice cooker (with steamer tray)

·      4 wide mouth hard plastic (such as Nalgene) containers to soak ingredients and for leftovers and ready sprouts

·      3 Easy Sprouters (two to sprout seeds and one for legumes) (

·      1 small – medium cooking pot with lid

·      1 medium nonstick (with NO scratches) fry pan with lid

·      1 medium size cookie sheet

·      resealable storage bags to put foods in whilst in cooler so don’t get wrecked by ice melting

Ideas and recipes:

·      Use jerky’s and sea vegetables in all soaks and to make “soup broth” add miso at end

·      Put dehydrated mushrooms and grains to soak night before planning to use (releases nutrients and speeds up cooking time)

·      Add sea vegetable to anything cook in rice cooker (rice, quinoa, wild rice, oatmeal)

·      Soak oatmeal night before planning to eat, either cook in pot or rice cooker; add maple syrup and coconut milk to eat for high calorie and denser nutrient profile (have for lunch or mid-afternoon)

·      Premake and bag this mix:  2 cups almonds, dry, 1 cup sunflower seeds, dry, ½ tsp. sea salt, 2 teaspoons turmeric ground together in food processor or blender (makes 4 servings) Mix entire contents with 1  cup water when ready to eat; eat this mix as is with any fresh vegs, sprouts, cheese, salsas for breakfast (great all rolled together in nori sheets)Nori Breakfast “Burritos”

·      When using rice cooker put steamer tray on top of whatever cooking and place jerky (torn into small pieces) on so flavor and nutrients steam into food below

·      Spirulina energy drink:  to 16 oz. water add; 1 tsp. spirulina, 1 tablespoon raw honey, 1 dropperful chlorophyll, dash of sea salt or piece of kombu

·      Snack on granola with coconut milk or goat milk, Lydia’s crackers with cheese and sprouts, make own “trail mixes” with nuts, seeds, dried shredded coconut, goji berries and raw cacao; dates stuffed with scoop of coconut oil or dipped into if liquid, chew a few pieces of dulse, corn chips with salsas and cheese

·      Soak a grain with sea vegetables, jerky, dried mushrooms and a seasoning mix overnight every night for next day, until ready to cook – add more water and cook in rice cooker or pot on stove (great lunch)

·      To make sprouts, cover at least one inch over seeds with clean water; let soak overnight.  Drain in morning, put traveling vented lid on and within 2-4 days depending on type seeds will have sprouts.

·      To “sprout” legumes; soak overnight covered with water as with sprout seeds.  Drain in morning, put travel lid on and within 2-3 days should be ready or less depending on environment.  They are ready when you see just a tiny nub sprouting from them.  This releases the proteins in them and makes them easier to digest and cook.  Simmer over low heat or eat raw with other sprouts for micro-protein rich “salad”.  Your body will so thank you for this! 

·      Dress “salads” and vegs and grains with olive oil or sesame oil mixed with one of “seasoning” blends.

·      Mix “live” foods into mix whenever and wherever can.   Chemical, cage-free eggs excellent to add into mix whenever possible. 


·      Whole Foods 365 Organic Waffle & Pancake mix; use goat milk mixed to liquid already and skip egg (or if do have some use)

·      Meyenberg Powered Goat Milk:

Products:  (use chemical free, natural, paraben free)

Dish soap:             Seventh Generation

Cleaner:            Seventh Generation All Purpose

Body:              Dead Sea Mineral Soap or Dr. Bronners

Laundry:            Earth Friendly Ecos brand or Seventh Generation or Trader Joe’s brand

By:  Johanna Thorn, N.C.   02.16.2010



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