Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eagle Wheel Pronounced Dead :(

After Tom Schoeniger's skillful tig welding job and after Jim Spillane master crafted a dozen new spokes for this machine I have the honor and genuine privilege of riding, it was decided today that the wheel is just too far gone. Tom warned about this but ever the optomist I thought there had to be someone out there who could reinforce all the many cracks and other fissures that Tom had begun to spot.

And yes it is fixable! But by whom? Throw the question of liability into the equation and not even the Machinist of the Impossible, Matt Christe, is willing to take it on. This we found out today. Ugh....

When Jeff Kistler came by to help me overcome the road block of a few spokes that were not catching their spoke nipple threads, he wanted Matt to get a look before he did anything. Jeff did not like the look of some of the damage he was seeing. We loaded the bike into Jeff'a truck and he took it to San Mateo while I kept my appt with a results getting business consultant who wants to help with our ride. More on that as it develops.

So the heart and soul of my ride is dead. But Matt, who helped me get the bike ready last Spring, and who was a feared bike racer back in the 70's, said he will help me any way he can. Ditto for Jeff, my
Two Wheel Savior, who says he will rebuild it. And Jim is even looking thru his stock of parts back in his frozen CT factory to see if he can come up with the 50 inch, 72 spoke rim we need..

Fingers crossed. Asking as well for spirit to intervene. And u can help just by sending all these guys your gratitude.

Thx 4 all of u !

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