Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ellen Fletcher, Eagle/Me, Chris Llewellyn on the Road

As I was wrapping up yesterday's "training" (se below) ride on the Eagle, I ran up with Chris Llewellyn, the amazing kid you see doing a track stand here who also happens to be the unicyclist pictured with our Busycle in the promotional pieces we send  out for it. And as he and I chatted, who should roll up than Ellen Fletcher, America's first politician/bike activist. And the woman for whom America's first bike boulevard here in Palo Alto was named.

Ellen asked me how our ride to Boston was coming along, and among other things, told me she had seen our bus parked on the other bike boulevard, Park Blvd, at Park Automotive Services. And as she pedaled off,  I felt the need to corroborate her age for Chris and Caroline, the passer by who took the below photo. Ellen had to stop to get enough wind to answer me. She was still on the mend from having had a cancerous part of her long removed.

"Eighty two", she answered, She got back on her bike and pedaled away!!



Note: The word 'training' is in quotes above because I cannot ride the bike the way I really want to due to the condition of the rim. I am more  just getting my muscles  used to the Eagle pedaling position after having been off of it all these months. I am not  doing hills and maybe rode all of ten miles yesterday.........

    THX 4 all of U!! 

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