Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ideas & Needs For the 2010 SF to Boston Eagle Bus


As we spoke yesterday, in terms of needs, we gotta get the nerve center of this operation finished before we do anything else. Your awesome schematic (below bcuz it did not reach a lot of your email boxes) is what I needed to be able to professionally represent this project to those with coin for it....

As far as the back of the bus is concerned, then I think better than a liftable table or trailer would be a giant drawer that we can place on a slider track. Besides the table that can telescope out of the top of it, it can serve also for storage (clothes, and the like - can't store anything in a table U have to lift). If U don't want to put it on a track, it can even be put on casters and then lock into place...What do U think??

Once that is done, we'll need to get the computer console (over there in the corner where the door lift wall is) drawn up so someone from this list  can build it off site .

Next we would just need partitions for the bathroom (toilet and shower), and kitchenette. And then commission someone else to figure out how we are going to drain the water......I can get us a camp stove. And if U get me the specs for the roll around kitchen (with a propane stove and reefer), we can get someone to build that too......

Next I think we'll have to build cupboards where the wiring harness is.

Lastly we'll need to build the 4 front bunks with separate storage for each...

And finally, if we want to build any of the the fold down desks/beds that John O talked about, we can do that last....But I do like the open space look as it is. And yet there again, we will probably need to have a couple extra bed positions for when when guests travel select sections with us. Ines Brunn ( has already said she w/spend some time with us giving her astonishing shows along the way!!

We can hang my bike and trailer and load the storyboard and painted ceiling panels last....

With all that in mind, is there enough here for U to cobble a tentative  construction schedule together  ? 

           THX 4 U!! 

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