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Build the Bus Out like the Busycle was Built (was Re: Fwd: Toilet)


I didn't know this toilet involved so much. In terms of 

budget, I w/like to see this come together in the same way the Busycle did. Sweat equity and as much recycled and otherwise foresaken materials as possible.

As for the pooper, I just figured from the input we've been getting that that has to be new, If not, I don't want to add to the land fill. As well, it would make it newsworthy if we are able to say that this bus is almost all built from other people's discards....

In terms of a graphic representation of what can be built of the inside, I need it so I can recruit food  and volunteers for our  1/16-17 work party. If potential vols see that we are doing this with all recycled stock, discards and donations, they will more likely want to be part of the group effort.

Here for example is the spirit I foresee. It comes from Clive Buckler up in Spokane. Clive a former hitech engineer from down here, he  had an ahead of its time recumbent bicycle company called the Advanta  ( did his web site)  for which he was looking for more $$ when the dot com bust happened. Here is that bike: 

btw: I just learned yesterday from the RV driver who has been parking somewhat close to me for the last few days that I can use emergency blankets on the windows  so that I can see out but others cannot see in! 

btw2: Also heard from Jimmy Spillane yesterday!! Soon the Eagle will be back on the road again!! He has the seat fixed and new spokes (12!) and spoke nipples I trashed when the wheel melted down on me. Soon expect a whole new level of BUZZ for this effort when we are  back on the road!! 

btw3: We gotta keep this green. Can anyone help outfit me with solar panels so I don't have to run the generator when I am doing this kind of "work"  as well as web publishing and working the 2010 Mayors' Ride at ?

btw4: Soon U will see the bus on the streets of Palo Alto and MTV, even Oakland, as soon as soon Ron Bishop gets a paint party together to paint National Bicycle Greenway on to the sides and back of the bus!!

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Keep me in mind for welding stuff that you can't get done there, but can be mailed or shipped.  I also have a huge stash of nuts and bolts, incl. metric, could save you some money if you can wait a week and I happen to have what you need.

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I think this would be ideal.  Who is buying?  And can they supply the remainder of the system: tank, water pump, pipes, connections, etc.? 

We need to define a budget for this project, even if it is only in terms of volunteers and material that we can expect to have donated.  I have been operating as if we were on a shoe string budget and have been tailoring my input to suit.  I suggest that we hammer out a wish list, put a schematic to it, determine what resources (material and building talent) are at our disposal, and then, subsequently, come together to build this thing.  Until we flush out the constraints and parameters we are only spinning our wheels.  A realistic inventory of what can be relied on is in order so.  Priorities, prioritization, prioritize....Clock is ticking. 

I have been checking all the emails, however I do not have much time to reply or converse mid-week.  I agree that a Skpe conference between you, Martin and I would be worthwhile at this point.  Is there a time this weekend that works for you?  Sunday is my preference.  Looking forward to talking/designing/building more with you.


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Ron has done a lot of research already, What do U think of these toilets?

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