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Rocky Cold & Saturday Bus Plan to Plan

Saturday,  Let me know.

Saturday.. I am willing to blow off the meeting I am supposed to attend on Saturday 1-3..  How can I get there in person?  If I can get a ride from Union City BART I would love to join you both or make another offer [I will have my bicycle].  BART to CalTrains sucks if you try to make a tight connection.  Going back is not as bad.

Hmmm , maybe John Oleary whose coming up from Aptos might like to get the chance to visit with U  - Mr Bike Oakland ,  John? Or maybe David L, our VTA supe, might come by here on Saturday!! And if he does, since he's in San jose, maybe we cam get him to take the long way up?? And yet there again, maybe even the actual owner of the bus, John E Carbrera, might be amenable to picking U up??

I know that the Rockies are a lot colder and I know that Martin is tough, but we are talking about comfort here, which is something they teach in Architecture school.  Insulate the bottom side of the deck.  Foam uses less room, but fiberglass is ok too. Which ever is available.  Marlite panels, corregated aluminum, or plastic can be used to contain the stuff.  Heck even thin sheets of paneling or cardboard for God sakes works.  

As Johnny O and I agreed earlier, and as I also posted earlier,  I'll be on  the bike in the Rockies withe little  time on the bus except to sleep. John also sez the  bus has heating and a/c that he may be able to revive!!

Martin, you need to start keeping your eyes open for building materials. Corregated plastic materials, aluminum, paneling, plastic sheeting, cardboard, anything.  Old metal bed frames, the angle iron is a great building material and is usually free if you look for it.  They do not have to all be in pristine condition.  Some can be used in hidden areas.  I can find stuff in my hood no problem, but I always look for it. [A bad habit I have that pays off.]

Ron, all I ride thru are nearly manicured neighborhoods and maybe 4 to 6 or 7  downtowns in a  a day here on my bike. And there is little of which U speak to be found over here. Having grown up in the East Bay where U R, I know it is a lot more industrial on your side than here on the Peninsula....

    THX 4 U!! 

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Insulation, and where to focus it, is something we ought to discuss.  I will be building a storage platform beneath the bus this Sat. so that Martin can begin to move some of his belongings beneath the bus to help open up some room on the maindeck so that I can take more accurate measurements of the interior..... but I was really hoping that our VTA connection would be able to deliver a manual with all the dimensions in it.  I will keep insulation in mind while I work and take an inventory of what is beneath the deck. 

How cold have you been?  Can you type comfortably at night when it is 50 degrees outside?  Do you need a warmer room or warmer clothing?  Remember: Califorina's winter is more mild than spring in the Rookies.

Maybe we could Skype around 11:00am on Saturday?  If Martin can manage it, I would love to Skype from the bus with him since I will be there already.


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Sounds like you have the toilet system figured out pretty good.  Hats off to you.  You are certainly the lead on that issue and probably many more.  Insulation for the bus.  What can be done about that?  Under the floor,  Exterior walls in Martins area so he wont freeze his a-- off.  This is to make his habitat comfortable so it can be temporary.

I understand that you have small ones.  I have been there and  mine are young women now.

I will help as we can set it up.  I have this weekend available on Saturday and have an appt at 11 on Sunday.  We do not all have to be in the same place if we all have web cams.  I have a ride on MLK Sunday.

sketches of your dims/plans and I can put them on autocad if you think that will help.  They can be sent as jpegs.


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I think this would be ideal.  Who is buying?  And can they supply the remainder of the system: tank, water pump, pipes, connections, etc.? 

We need to define a budget for this project, even if it is only in terms of volunteers and material that we can expect to have donated.  I have been operating as if we were on a shoe string budget and have been tailoring my input to suit.  I suggest that we hammer out a wish list, put a schematic to it, determine what resources (material and building talent) are at our disposal, and then, subsequently, come together to build this thing.  Until we flush out the constraints and parameters we are only spinning our wheels.  A realistic inventory of what can be relied on is in order so.  Priorities, prioritization, prioritize....Clock is ticking. 

I have been checking all the emails, however I do not have much time to reply or converse mid-week.  I agree that a Skpe conference between you, Martin and I would be worthwhile at this point.  Is there a time this weekend that works for you?  Sunday is my preference.  Looking forward to talking/designing/building more with you.



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Ron has done a lot of research already, What do U think of these toilets?

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