Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't forget to attend Relocate the Busycle Ride on January 31st, 2010 @ 11am.

John E Carbera, the man who bought the 40 foot tour bus that is going to bring the Busycle back to Boston in the 8th annual national Mayors' Ride at (link) (special THX to Lori Yung who has stepped forward to maintain our schedule now and while we are on the road) found a spot for our Busycle just a few blocks away from where it currently resides. 

Seems Philz Coffee just got too popular and the entire shopping center has benefited. So much so that the other merchants need more room and want the space we are presently occupying. Thus the need to move. 
However we know U R going to love it's new home in which it will live during Feb and March. At which point we should be ready to spread the Busycle word far beyond Palo Alto. By ready I mean the mini NBG museum that architect Robbie Benson has designed for the inside of the bus with input from fellow architect Ron Bishop and master electrician, John Oleary, should be complete by then. We should also have a trailer and hitch to move our 15-person smile invoker to as far away as San Francisco, Oakland, Napa, even Sacramento well before we tentatively leave from Mountain View for Boston on May 14th this year. 
So help us move the Busycle. Give us an hour of your Sunday. This could very well be one of the last times you get to ride it here in Palo Alto as our focus has certainly shifted from offering fun only to those here in the Tall Tree city..... 
We don't know what we got till it's gone is nowhere more applicable than here. Bring your cameras. Be a part of the legend this machine will be remembered for when it joins me and my Eagle to visit 27 big city Mayors all across the nation soon!! 

More info - http://www.pingg.com/rsvp/wmvafkzk5wdzwrqks

  THX 4 all of U!! 

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