Thursday, January 28, 2010

Robbie Benson's Inside of the Bus Schematic - Powerful Stuff!!

In between sick kids and one disaster after another at his work site because
of all the rains we have had, Robbie Benson cranked out the attached image
of how the inside of our bus soon will look. Do note all the open space he
has allowed for so we can bring the public aboard to see our NBG storyboard,
Mayoral proclamations, and NBG memorabilia, etc that will be in our  museum.

What's not shown here are the umbrellas and tents that will spread out from
the rear door as our rolling education forum opems into the many parking
lots we will be open for business in. Also as we interivew Mayors, their
staff, city leaders, interesting locals  and the press in turn interviews
us, we will be doing so in a vehicle that will have its walls and ceilings
adorned with bicycle art.

There's a lot more Robbie wants to do with this rendering he did as a way
to help me raise funds for our project but he and I agree that with just
over 100 days until showtime we have got to get going on construction. Look
soon for a build schedule here now that the weather has finally seemed to

              THX 4 all of U!!

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