Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Palo Alto to Oakland Ride

Rode what amounted to 100 miles (c/o a few wrong turns)  from Palo Alto Oakland and back yesterday. With half of the ride in the rain :( The ride up was a big joy only slowed by the morning commute thru Union City, Hayward, San Lorenzo, and San Leandro. On the way up, I was at full throttle, feeling unstoppable thanks to Sunfood.

Granted I was on my S&B Recumbent, but I know I have never ridden it for as far for anywhere near as long with such strength. I am trying not to sound like a commercial, but once long distance and performance cyclists start discovering this Sunfood rocket fuel, it is going to to make much of the energy foods that are out there, seem like no more than two bit candy....

What  made yesterday additionally noteworthy in terms of the physical demand of the ride, was that I ride with wet clothing on wet roads almost the whole way back. I kept hoping for the wind and the cold to change, which it did for a few miles once or twice, but I had no choice but to ride. And hard. Again, I was buoyed by Sunfood, Whoaaaa....

Here is what it looked like out there:

Coming off America's worst bike road, the Dumbarton Bridge miles long access road that feeds Newark, CA, that's Mt Hamilton ahead..

Northbound after crossing the Bridge freway

Traffic kept the camera off until I reached the beautiful trails between 880 and the Oakland Airport

BART tracks dominate the skyline along 12th Street

My destination, the County Recorder is not far ahead. 


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