Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oakland Vice Mayor Jean Quan Receives 2010 ride at Jack London's Cabin 1of2

Oakland, CA Vice Mayor, Jean Quan, received the 2010 8th annual Mayors' Ride pre-ride at the famous Jack London cabin in Jack London Square. The front runner in the November race for Mayor, it is easy to see why she is so well liked. She came at the bequest of Oakland Bike Mayor, Ron Bishop, and after hearing how much she knew about a myriad of different eco matters facing her city, I know it will be in powerful hands with her at the helm. She corroborated this for me when she told me she enjoyed working with zealous environmentalist and former Palo Alto Mayor, Yoriko Kishimoto, who is now running for state assembly, on a regional task force.

Since my Eagle is hobbling along after it was enfeebled by a car  on April 29, the Palo Alto to Oakland part of the ride started in Frank Flynn's driveway

Nor could I pass up the opportunity to take a picture of one of his kid's trikes with the Eagle:

And as we were wrapping up getting our bikes loaded for the 45 mile trip, one of Frank's neighbors, John Richards, stopped by on the way to a ride of his own:

Once we got on our bikes in San Leandro, it amazed m to see what has taken place with a lot of the former backwater lands along a lot of the east Bay Area's waterfront. The recently dedicated Bill Lockyer bridge that you see here crosses over a slough to connect the Oakland Airport with the the beautiful trails that wind througgh what used to be a municioal dump.

And we left that very pleasant riding turf to soon find ourselves  pedaling along another wasteland turned bicycle heaven, the estuary trails that separate 880 from the Oakland Airport. 


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