Friday, May 21, 2010

Google Crushes Historic Bike Ride

The decade and half long history that has watched me build the upcoming ride from San Francisco to Boston that I now have straight ahead in my cross hairs has vanished. The six or seven blogs I run at, many of which  were in place long before Google took them over, have been eviscerated from the web. 

Last summer when I Eagled to Salt Lake (a blog I can no longer point you to), under Google, my blogs had become a nesting site for Cialis sales. And the fix for that was not made by anyone at Google. But by a few angels who appeared to help me at the forum Google runs to help people get their problem solved. 

However, there has not been anyone at these discussion boards who can help me solve the Google  password problem (it keeps getting changed on me and I run Google Tasks, Mail, AdSense, Books, Calendar, Spreadsheets, etc) I have had for months now. Nor has anyone from Google intervened such that it has now escalated to this. 

Unless a real person from Google located just three miles from where I compose this (they may as well be on the other side of the world) steps forward, the hundreds of thousands of words I used to have on line may be gone forever. This disaster would not be so traumatic if I didn't have so many links for my upcoming ride that reference these blogs. 

Unless Google steps forward, can anyone see any other way around this tragedy? I used to truly love Google but now I feel as tho they have tried to crush my dream of a coast to coast bicycle highway.......

I am so saddened by this :(

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