Monday, December 7, 2009

Forty One Thirty Inc, Tom Schoeniger to Repair Eagle for NBG!

Master frame builder, Tom Schoeniger, the man behind the impeccable line of bikes called Forty One Thirty Inc, is going to help Jim Spillane's rare backwards facing HiWheel, the Eagle, get airborne again! Tom has me coming in early Saturday for the precisionweld that will be needed. A man whose bikes are greatly coveted, he is a much studied craftsman who has learned from some of best. 

Here is an example of his huge body of work:

I exhort you to get to his web site where you will see other samples of bicycle their highest art form..... 

WoW And Tom is doing all this at no charge because he believes in our 2010 ride and in the National Bicycle Greenway dream!!

Too exciting!!

THX TOM - THX for all of U!!!

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