Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finally - Pedal Powered Cellphones!!

A breakthrough for me!! $99 come January - I so want one. John Oleary found this!!

Will laptops be next?

How exciting!!

BioLogic FreeCharge - Recharge your gadgets while riding a bike - Battery charger rechargeable

The regular way of producing light in a bike is by using a dynamo that is attached to one of the wheels. This dynamo is able to provide enough electricity to power a small bulb that illuminates our  path.

Well, the same principle used by a dynamo that generates electricity is now taken by Dahon (the world’s largest manufacturer of folding bikes), to create a new device that allows users to recharge electronic gadgets while they are riding a bike. The device is attached to the dynamo and its name is “BioLogic FreeCharge”.

It has a battery that is charged with the power supplied from the dynamo. Then, you can recharge your gadgets by connecting them to the BioLogic FreeCharge and using a USB connector that comes with this device.


According to Dahon, the BioLogic FreeCharge will be available for sale in the first quarter of 2010 and will cost $99.

We guess this charger will be useful to those who usually use a bike as one of their regular means of transport because it will provide an easy way to keep some personal gadgets charged (for example: cell phones and MP3 players)

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