Monday, December 21, 2009

Bus Architect accepts Wood Craftsman's services

When Robbie Benson offered his woodworking expertise  and huge arsenal of  tools to our 2010 SF to Boston support bus (it will also haul the Busycle)  project, here is how our also amazing architect (besides being a much sought green architect, Ron as I've said is  Mr Bicycle Oakland, and among all the worlds he lives in his mastery as a communicator has been recognized by Toastasters Intl where he is a top rated public speakler) answered him:


I am trying to focus this effort on lightweight materials.  Steel studs, insulation, aluminum siding, and hopefully bicycle frames included as a theme when possible to support benches or bunks or for sidewall supports 
I am envisioning using bicycle frames clamped to the steel structure framing of the bus and flooring with panels of aluminum corrigated siding to be used as partitioning and possibly mounted so it can be folded and change the spacial shape, by opening and closing as required. I intend a low tech model soon.
Your skills as a carpenter should also help on this project as you understand connections,  The challenge will be to work outside of wood to a lighter weight and fanciful interior.  A good brainstorming session could be benificial.  We should all look into using skype for live events where we can exchange video camcorders and conversation without the need for travel.  In the final months we would need to be more face to face.
I have not been able to reach the site to complete an accurate asbuilt but can provide some semiaccurate CADD drawings if you are able to visit and update any errors on the CADD and transfer them back that would be of great help.  Let me know what you might like to provide in particular. We can always use good ideas. 

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