Sunday, August 15, 2010

Manny Garcia to Spearhead NBG Bus Conversion

Former long time bike shop manager and passionate two wheel zealot, Manny Garcia, has agreed to do the build  out that will be required to make  our bus one we can live in on the road! And this man is all about Can Do!! If you followed my Eagle HiWheel ride to Salt Lake City in the summer of 2009, you will recall that Manny rode 400 miles of Nevada, the most mountainous state in the Union with me. What's wild is that in order to do so, he  had to double whatever I rode so he could go back and get his vehicle allowing him to have it wherever it was that we lodged for  the night. As in afternoon headwinds and re-summiting innumerable mountain passes to do so, whoaaaa.......

To the degree I can supply him the resources, money and new and used hardware, Manny will be installing everything from toilets and showers to fold down beds, cupboards and  other forms of storage, even insulation, while I am  away getting my books rewritten  and ready for the  2011 season. The perfect man for the job, he knows how to get a result with often times much less than perfect materials.  This is so because he  grew up in a large family in Mexico City where he learned that if he wanted any of those things most American kids take for granted, that he could mix and match new, used and discarded items to create a worthy facsimile of that which the kids north  of the border were enjoying.

That said, I will be using my afternoons to bring  on more advertising support (to buy supplies for  Manny) for my  San Jose to Boston Eagle ride as well as scour Craigslist and other want ad boards for camper shells with  worthy insides we can cannibalize. As well, if any of you want to come by Park Automotive here on Park Ave in Palo Alto to help Manny, we need you!!!

Here is what we foresee:


  •  Double bed to back of bus that folds down from wall when acting as window shade when I compute
  •  Solar equipped
  •  Bio diesel
  •  Shower
  •  Sinks - 2 (kitchen, bathroom)
  •  Toilet
  •  Bedroom in section  behind driver
  •  3 fold down beds in next section for Documentary Film Crew
  •  A Solar Panel that can drive a laptop computer
  •  A propane reefer

                                     THX 4 all of U!! 

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