Friday, August 13, 2010

Fall Author Tour Yields to New Excitement & Possibilities


As I worked here on the phone to build my Author Tour of "Awake Again",  in moving east along the Mayors' Ride route, I  discovered that, in its present condition,  the  economy was having a very hard time supporting my book journey. Offices, for example, that had in the not too distant past suggested that maybe I could bring hope to their head injury patients (they call them clients) with a book tour during the bicycle off season, reported back to me when I called. that they did not even know if they were going to have jobs themselves. 

Fortunately, however, an opportunity I am very excited about  has presented itself to me that I can not ignore. I have been offered a place where I can work on the completion of some or all of the books I have noted below!!

As such, instead of touring our Mayors' Ride cities  as a promotion for my San Jose (read the nation's 10th largest city and proactive in its plans for cycling) to Boston Eagle ride with just my autobiography, "Awake Again", since they are all almost complete, I will now be able to do booksignings with several of the other tomes that will soon result . Since I can also use my writing "retreat" to invite more sponsors to come forward with ads on the people mover John E Cabrera donated to our organization, I can commission one or several of the people I have identified as willing to help, to build out the interior so that I can live in it when I tour the US with the product of my soon ahead writing efforts. 

Nor had I allowed the depressed state of the world's affairs take my eye off the prize of using my story and our national Mayors' Rides to promote the coast to coast National Bicycle Greenway  we foresee. I renewed my driver's license so I can drive the bus Park Automotive Don is going to teach me how to drive!! After 21 years of not owning or driving a car, I had to really hunker down to get cleared to legally operate a vehicle. Because I had originally needed this DMV document to get a passport so I could go to Ireland, with no study, I flunked the written part back in May. On the second try, however, after hours of study I was golden! And not only did I learn a lot about all that has changed in my time away from the wheel, but I am a better cyclist because I better know what is expected of cars.

Until I soon leave then, I will keep working on the bus. The photo above, for example, is of's 'Not For Hire' sign that I  loaded on to the bus. I did that yesterday at Park Automotive, where owner Don Armstrong has gone far out of his way to be supportive of all that I am doing. So much so, that as the true car doctor magician that he is (he's even married to a doctor, an esteemed PhD who teaches nurses), when I rewrite, "How America Can Bike and Grow Rich", he and his Park Automotive will become a part of the story that I tell. 

      THX 4 all of U!! 

Martin Krieg's Work in Process Books:
"How America can bike and Grow Rich"
"Awake Again" in paperpack, audio and for the iPhone and Kindle Reader
"How to Bike America"
"How to Move Mountains with Love".
"Cycle America 2000 Anthology" - a distillation of the weekly newsletters I put out for 3 years when I brought thousands of cyclists to Washinbton DC  for the millennium.

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