Sunday, October 17, 2010

Worthy Camper Living Essentials Needed for NBG San Jose to Boston Bus

Our 9th Annual National Mayors' Ride which leaves May 2, 2011 from San Jose, CA per this schedule, will feature the first backwards facing Hiwheel to cross America and the 15-person Busycle. All of which will be supported by the 40 foot "Rock Star" bus you see pictured here. 

Despite the fact that our bus runs awesome and looks amazing, it still needs a lot of help inside to make it worthy of the press and the people who will visit it at the shopping centers, city halls and book stores ahead of us.

While it has a hardwood floor and tinted windows and we will be dedicating a fair amount of space inside to the public for the on board museum it will feature, we still need the kind of facilities that will help us roll from one venue to another. These include a:

- Propane refrigerator

- Propane or white gas stove

- Shower

- Toilet

- Beds/bunks

If you have camper shell or motor home, etc, that perhaps has a beat up appearance but most of these items are still in good working order, can we take it off your hands? And give you a tax write off from our nonprofit National Bicycle Greenway in exchange!! 

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