Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Crit Mass w-former Assemblywoman/Future Sate Senator

Rode the train from Mountain View, CA, where Sally Lieber lives, to San Francisco for the 16th Halloween Critical Mass. And the fun started in while we were still in transit. As you can see, at left here, Sally was already having a grand time well before the ride began.

Why this warranted my time and why I am blogging all of this is because Sally is an extremely popular former CA State Assemblywoman who only left public office because she has been termed out. And she is a real bullets cyclist who is genuinely interested in the rights of the transportation cyclist who goes uncelebrated because he or she does not win corporate sanctioned bicycle races. So much so that she took time away from the campaign she announced a day and a half later for state senate to do this ride.

And the train was packed with revelers and
bikes. More so than I have ever seen..

From the 4th and King end of the line, we rode 3 or so miles along the waterfront to the Ferry Building.

Where across the way, Justin Herman Plaza was filled with bikes and merry makers. Here Sally is posing with my Eagle HiWheel.

For the next almost three hours, I had all I could do to keeping the rubber side down on the Eagle. A tricky bike to ride, I had to stay very focused and very alert to anything that could upset my forward momentum. From rail tracks, to suddenly stopping bikes, to pedestrians walking in front of our slow moving bikes, etc, my eyes and senses were wide awake and open. The work, which it is, is very rewarding as people all night long asked about the bike and the National Bicycle Greenway.

Before we got on the 10:07 train, we stopped at the 4th St Whole Foods and filled our hungry tummies. The train ride home was peaceful...

What a great way to end a worthy 2009 Halloween Critical Mass Bike Ride!!

Sally Lieber for CA State Senate 2012

THX 4 all of U!!