Saturday, October 10, 2009

2010 Ride Needs

Looking ahead, here is what I need to make my 2010 Eagle HiWheel ride across America real:

- A Bread Truck (that we can convert to one that runs on vegetable oil) that can support my ride and tow the Busycle back to Boston
- A car trailer on which we can mount the Busycle with a 79 inch wheelbase width (when the motor was pulled, the wheels splayed out)
- A videographer
- A publicist
- A new butpak
- New Panniers (vintage in appearance)
- Macbook Air computer
- Size 10 Bike Shoes w/3.5" sole (people of the 19th century had narrower feet)
- Solar Charger
- Garmin GPS device
- Code Masher who can get our Maps to read from GPS and read in IE